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A.C.E. Tree Care can have a certified arborist come to your property and provide an assessment of your tree, or the trees on your property. We can provide recommendations for residential and commercial sites, and can prepare plans for road / path construction. Please contact us for any tree service that you may need, proper maintenance now ensures the future health of your tree(s). We strive to be the best we can be, and our estimate is always FREE!

Tree Pruning

This service is done to enhance the structure of the tree, as well as improve the tree’s overall health. By removing deadwood, water shoots, rubbing branches, or shortening long heavy branches, we can preserve the tree(s) therefore making them safer for you and your property.

Cabling & Bracing

In addition to pruning, if need be we can install cables in the crown of the tree, and a wood rod wherever needed. The application of cables and braces can greatly reduce the danger of tree damage in heavy storms, or from the weight of an ice in the winter.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Removal of trees generally occurs when a tree has become hazardous beyond repair or poses a threat; it is a good idea to have it removed before problems arise. We can remove trees to prevent things such as disease from spreading to you or your neighbor’s trees - heavy insect damage, invasive species, as well as unsightly trees are also candidates for removal.

Stump Grinding

We can also grind your tree stumps out for you. We will grind the stump and any surface roots to well below grade. We will remove the grindings and then add soil and and grass seed or sod to fill the hole. It will be like the tree was never there! This will allow you to mow over the area with ease or even replant a tree in the same spot.

Tree Lot Management / Lot Clearing

For people with a treed or forested lot, we can construct forest pathways and help keep a managed forest safe and healthy. We also offer assessments for lot clearing, where you can then build your new house.

Aeration, Vertical Mulch & Mycorrhizae

This is a way of caring for newly planted trees in compacted soil, or soil with little organic matter. Application of this will also help established trees suffering from soil compaction, or construction damage. This is a good way to help the tree without adding chemicals and fertilizers, as it is more environmentally friendly.

Tree Planting

We can assess a good fit for the soil conditions, as well as the available growing space. Although, if you already have a specific tree in mind then we can make that work for you as well! Things to keep in mind when planting are; how big will the tree be when mature; depending on the species keep a good distance from the house as well as any wells or septic systems.

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