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Benefits of Trees

Trees provide many ‘unseen’ benefits to us everyday. Think of all the fall colors we experience with all the different species of trees around us. There are also the products that we gain from trees, such as paper, lumber, fruit, nuts, maple syrup, gums, resins, heat (firewood)… there are too many to list here!

Property Value

Cared-for trees will enhance not only property value but the overall beauty of a property as well. Be it the well-maintained cedar hedge, a weeping willow by the pond, the 150-year-old oak tree, or the sugar maple lined driveway.

Air Quality

Trees use up carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen. Foliage of trees (the leaves) can also help to filter smog pollution, and can help to trap pollen, dust and ash from the air.

Soil Structure

Established root systems will prevent soil erosion on even the steepest of banks and valleys. Falling leaves and needles, although sometimes a burden, will provide a wide range of nutrients back into the soil.


Trees can prevent excessive water run-off, both by filtering the rain through the canopy as well as absorbing the water with the root system. Trees also help to replenish ground water systems.

Joy from Trees

Be it the birdhouse hanging from a branch, or the tree house in the old tree out back, trees can bring us joy in simple ways. Think of the beauty of fall colors, or the nice ripe apple picked this morning. Trees can also greatly help those in urban areas to appreciate and feel close to nature.

Utility Cost

Strategically placed trees can greatly reduce your utility costs, for example, evergreens will block cold winter winds from directly hitting your house. Also a deciduous tree, or broad-leafed tree will provide shade to your house in the summer months, greatly reducing the need for air-conditioning or fans. Every little bit can help reduce costs in the long run.

Noise Pollution

Trees can greatly reduce the noise from cars, especially highway noise, which can reach upwards of 72 decibels. Highway barriers are effective, but having trees as well will help with the noise and also be a little easier on the eyes.

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